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High quality neon dodgeballs

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Artificial grass turf arena

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Standard game modes and multiple variations


Atmospheric Neon FX Light Effects

What is Dodgeball?

Dodgeball is a strategic game of ball-throwing and catching. Throw balls while avoid being hit. Catch and revive your teammates.


How To Play

  • Obtain balls by running first to the centre line, and claim as many balls for your team as you can
  • First team to hit all opponents by throwing a ball wins!
  • Catch an incoming ball to revive your teammates
  • Deflect incoming balls with a ball of your own! Head shots result in the thrower’s elimination
  • Once eliminated, line up and get revived by your team



Please call us at 3461-9023 if you have any questions.

Up to 12 people
No outside food/drinks
Private venue
Up to 20 people
HK $120 per extra person
No outside food/drinks
Private venue
Drop in
HK $160 per person
No outside food/drinks
Early BirdHK$180
1.5 hours
HK $180 per class
HK $480 / 3 classes
HK $1680 / 12 classes
Led by HK Team Coach

Note: Contact us for longer duration. NGO and school pricing available. No add-ons


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All our games are hosted by experienced and friendly bilingual instructors.