5 Laser Guns

5 gun modes and up to 4 teams

Dual Guns Thumbs

Dual guns for twice the fun

Wireless Laser Guns

No dangling wires or sensor vest


Perfect for the casual shooter and kids parties

What is Laser Tag?

Laser Tag is a fast-paced gun shooting game. Speed and accuracy is key to survival. Experiment with different gun modes and shield power ups for different team situations. No bulky gear required! Mix and match with 5 gun modes, shield boosters, and up to 4 teams.


How To Play

  • Win by scoring the most kills for your team
  • Use a mix of the 5 gun modes and shield power up for maximum effectiveness
  • Our staff will revive you and keep score until the end of each round
  • Work together as a team, or charge in, head-on Rambo style with dual-wield blasters.

How to play Laser Tag


Please call us at 3461-9023 if you have any questions.

Up to 12 people
No outside food/drinks
Private Venue
Up to 20 people
HK $120 per extra person
No outside food/drinks
Private Venue
Drop in
HK $160 per person
No outside food/drinks

Note: Contact us for longer duration. NGO and school pricing available. No add-ons


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All our games are hosted by experienced and friendly bilingual instructors.