Extra Blade



29″ Battle-ready Neon Sabre Blade

31″ Battle-ready Neon Sabre Blade

Both rounder-tip and sharp-tip are available

Standard Battle Size is recommended to be 29″ round tip

2016 Award-winning Design – No more Allen Key !

This signature sabre blade has been the highest quality blade in the Neon Sabre community. The award-winning screw-in design was phenomenal in all the game trade shows. It reduces the blade changing time by 90% compared to the traditional “Allen Key method”. Make it easier for the user to switching to Battle/Display with our 100% handmade acrylic display case.

Imported from America

2016 New Updates

With the newly adapted “Blue-ring” Mechanism, the blade has been tested and proved to be the strongest compared to all other ways of blade instalment.

For Business Partners/Distributors, kindly contact us for import certificate and lab-test result.


Message from Crossfire Sabres Partner Manufacturer – SaberMach

SaberMach is the only commercial manufacturer for high quality, combat capable, illuminated saber collectibles incorporated in Singapore. Every SaberMach saber is crafted in-house with precision to an extremely high standard. The Mach in SaberMach stands for Machine.

SaberMach offers the most balanced saber, designed specifically for very comfortable handling with an ergonomic grip as a priority for both single or double handed wielding.

Machined from a lightweight but incredibly sturdy T6061 aluminium (airplane grade), all SaberMach premium sabers are first polished smooth, then anodised clear for a unique, slightly matte but gorgeous reflective silver finish. These eliminates grimy handprint marks, obvious scratches and ugly discoloration from oxidation. A black powder coat is then applied to highlights the details on them for an even, uniformed colour as well as serving as extra durability against “battle damage”.

SaberMach’s first-of-its-kind threaded blades plus threaded tips enable the sabers to feel like one single, complete piece with no rattle, jiggle or wobble mid duel. Superior to the screw and wrench system, these are simple to use and durable.

SaberMach blades with its reflective film core and tip gives the most even light distribution from base to tip with no ‘dead spots’ and no distortion. They can stand up to any higher wattage/lumens sabers and still give them a run for their money. Even the ‘halo’ cast by the refraction of light shows their superiority.

SaberMach provides all valued customers the option of interchangeable Power Core which houses the brightest LEDs in the market.

SaberMach’s premium saber uses an in-hilt recharging system. In the hilt of the Adept Series saber is a 2.1mm recharge port fitted onto a removable #18650 lithium-ion battery, which is shrink-wrapped for security. Remove the pommel when recharging is required. For the Expert and Master Series saber, the recharging is through the covertech knob, which has a “kill key” specially designed to fit snugly into.

The Expert and Master Series saber also comes with a one-of-a-kind custom acrylic chassis system to hold the delicate soundcard and battery together.

Each SaberMach premium saber retail pack comes with the following:-

–        a saber hilt;

–        a 29″ blade (chroma/trans-white);

–        a high clarity saber hilt acrylic display case; &

–        a USB charging cable.

and are packed, first, in a super dense polyfoam box with lid, then, into an exquisitely designed laminated cardboard box with external graphics.

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29″, Custom Length


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