Our one of a kind Sport Class assures you a fun experience while engaging in full-body workout. Featuring our neon lights effect and unique equipment like sabers to double the excitement. Getting healthy has never been easier!

Dodgeball Class

Form a league team after the class, more related programs will be designed to prepare for the competition. Understand the tactics and learn the coordination with other teammates.

#Professional Coach assigned to unleash your full potential  

Neon Sabre Class

#1 World Class Combat Neon Sabres

A full set of 16 Neon Sabres will be charged and ready for your guests to play, fight and dance with.

A professional coach will be assigned to create your Jedi moments.

HADO Class

#1 World First AR Sport

Consisting of two teams of three, each HADO AR Dodgeball match tasks players with eliminating the opposing team by draining them of their “lives” using digital “bullets”.


Circuit will use different elements unique to Crossfire arena in addition to professional fitness tools. Setting different stations for dimensional workout. Both classes include different games. Always aiming to combine fitness with fun!


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Mainly focus on the usage of Lightsabers to do Total-body fitness. Both classes include different games. Always aiming to combine fitness with fun!


Jacky Luen

Jacky Luen

Ranked World No.6 Player in (World Dodgeball League)

The Top Killer in Hong Kong Dodgeball League – Division 1

Represent HK Team in World Dodgeball Championship for 3 years

Dodgeball coaching experience – 4 years+

Roxend Nguyen

Roxend Nguyen

Roxend is a personal trainer and yoga instructor, mental strength and inner beauty are just as important as any aesthetic goal to her; and with every session, she takes it is her mission to help her clients take one step closer to real, sustainable change, whilst achieving a positive state of mind. She is a certified International Personal Fitness Trainer, Yoga Teacher Trainer TIYATT 200HR, Kettlebell and Indian Club & Mace Training Instructor. She specializes in fat loss, powerlifting and strength and conditioning functional training.



The Black Vader (Neon Sabre)

Exceptionally skilled Martial Arts Instructor with a title of Grand Master in KALI at KEAT FMA and Chief Tactical Instructor at ACTS DEFENSE.

Specializes in Aikido, Muay Thai and Karate.

Well-practiced in all weapons training such as Gun, Saber, Sword, Knife, Tomahawk, Kali Stick…

Caleb Heung

Caleb Heung

Caleb Heung is a dedicated personal fitness and group exercise trainer with two years experience. He is TRX, Trigger Point level 1 and 2, Trigger Point master trainer, CPR Certified. Caleb uses both his experience and knowledge to offer innovative, effective yet fun sessions. His specialty is fat loss, muscle building, shape toning, cardio level, speed and even flexibility. His class would be ideal for anyone seeking to let go of daily stress and ultimately becoming a healthier self.

Chung Hin Yeung

Chung Hin Yeung

A specialist in coordination, weight and muscle control. Seeing his clients improve and looking at how excited they get when they talk about the fantastic results they get from training never fails to put a smile on his face. Extensive knowledge in injury rehabilitation. Hin Yeung is a certified NASM personal trainer, a degree in B. Ed. Programme in Sports Training and coach for Hong Kong basketball association. His rational approach to muscle gain coupled with high levels of motivation makes him one of the best candidates to help you fulfill your goals of building a better body.


Please call us at 3461-9023 if you have any questions.

1 Class
Trial Class
3 Classes
Early BirdHK$480
2 Months
12 Classes
Early BirdHK$1680
4 Months